Overcome Bias: There's an App for That

It's time for new habits.

Overcome Bias with the EQ Nudge Platform: Science-backed micro-coaching for managers.

High impact lessons, in bite-sized pieces

A complete course for managers in achieving workplace equity, broken down into videos that are less than the length of a Starbucks line-up.

Pragmatic and constructive, these dozens of videos in 15 courses are scientifically validated to help improve both workplace equity and an inclusive climate.

Practice new habits in real-world settings

Some practices are solo, and can be exercised whenever you has time. Others are meeting practices, and will automatically be sent to your phone just before you start a meeting.

Get anonymous feedback from your team members.

After every practice, we collect anonymous feedback from your colleagues on how these new habits are developing.

Your weekly "report card" highlights in which areas you are making improvements; all metrics are relative to your own baseline, and non-competitive. (And all scores are for you alone.)

Advance through levels and track your progress.

Of course the best achievement is in seeing the advancing productivity and happiness of your team. But in the early days, our fun set of badges and awards help you to feel that you're on the right track.

Within every part of the EQ Nudge Suite, both managers and their teammembers have direct access to EQ Labs coaches. They can ask questions about tricky topics, or get help navigating intersectional issues, all without fear of embarrassment or reprisal.

It takes more than just training.

Language Coach for Email and Chat

The EQ Words tool is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook, GMail or Slack that uses Natural Language Processing to suggest changes to make everyone's written communication more inclusive.

It matches words, phrases, even parts-of-speech, and is focused on helping users understand the why behind every suggestion.

Daily Heroes Browser Extension

We need to actively work to replace stereotypes, rather than just trying to be ‘more objective’, and research has shown that facial-recognition processing is central to establishing and maintaining these stereotypes. Each time a new tab or window is opened, the EQ Daily Heros chrome extension displays a different “daily hero”, along with a short description of their achievement.

Will using it prompt you to open tons of new tabs just to see more heros? Our anecdata say yes. Do we think that’s amazing? We absolutely do.

It's time for real change.